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The Importance of Running Regular Event Nights

Have you ever thought of the importance of regular events and attractions in your venue? More often than not the quiz night and pool matches become part of the furniture and their importance takes a back seat.

If you sit down and tally the positive impact these nights have on your bottom line you can often be astonished. For example we can look at pool matches. Quite often a venue will host a pool match once a week or once a fortnight, these pool matches attract a squad of players and an audience of circa 20 people for the home team and 12 for the away team. After some market research it is believed that the majority of customers who have come in for the pool match buy around 4-5 pints each. If we tally that up that is a weekly average of around 128 pints in one night! Just think of the boost for your pub on what would normally be a quiet night.

Lets look at how to start a successful regular event night in your venue.

people 150515Make sure that all staff are onboard with the event, this is essential to ensure each night runs promptly and attracts customers back every week. If your bar staff aren’t sure on the idea they won’t encourage customers to come a long, their backing is essential.

Bar staff 3 150515

marketing 150515

This is split up into two types, in venue and out of venue.

Word of mouth is the best form of promotion to customers already in your venue, tell everyone you serve a drink about it, or if you’re too busy why not get some flyers or business cards printed describing the event and give them to people with every round? You could also use advertising on your TV screens and posters to target those customers that do not go to the bar.

To reach people outside of the venue, look to do both traditional and modern methods of marketing. Ensure you have a banner or blackboard outside your venue with all of the event details on to catch the eye of anyone walking or driving past. Social media is also a very good tool to grab the attention of local people. Make sure you have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and keep them updated with how the event planning is going. You can also pay a small amount on these websites to boost your posts or create adverts to reach people who do not already follow you on social media. If you are lucky enough to have a database of customers emails then send them an e-shot telling them all about the new night.

Remember to give an incentive to all customers coming for the first couple of weeks; this might be cheaper drinks or free snacks during the night.

Bar staff 4 150515


If you are short on time or resource to commit to marketing and running a weekly event there are many products now in the marketplace that can help!

A variety of pub entertainment systems will allow on screen advertising and also on screen games such as bingo, key to the box and quizzes. These can all be set to auto play so minimum effort is required from your or your staff.

For a small fee many companies will help you out with your social media, whether this is managing it from start to finish or getting it up and running for you to take over.

Building a customer email database to market to can also be tiresome, why not install managed Wi-Fi in your pub? This does all of the hard work for you, any time someone logs onto your Wi-Fi you are given his or her name and email address. Use this to send them promotional news and offers.

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help 150515

We have a sister company called Innstay who are experienced and qualified in supplying any of the products mentioned above, if you are interested in anything mentioned why not visit their website, just click below.

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This article was originally created by Bob Rudd for the FLVA Newsletter, we would like to thank the editor for including our piece in their publication.



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