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Have you thought about your choices if the Market Rent Option affects your Gaming Machines as well as your Beer?

Towards the end of last year, MPs voted to include a market rent only option clause for tied tenants in the pubs code. This applies to any companies with over 500 pubs that include at least one tied/tenanted site. At the moment the act only legally applies to the beer tie within the pubs however we all know this may spread to affect other areas such as the gaming and amusement machine equipment.

If the clause does spread further than just beer then overnight publicans will have far more choice of machine supplier. That being said here are some key points to ensure you have the best supplier possible for your site:

Do you have good quality machines in your pub? Your supplier should be investing in new machines for your site as the latest games are proven to make more cash in box. They should also be installing machines that have high approval rates, this means that the machine has been thoroughly tested in the market place and has received good takings in a variety of sites.

Are you getting the best technical service? If your machine goes faulty you may be starting to lose money instantly, that’s why you need an excellent service response time. Its also important that the technicians who turn up on site are fully qualified with a high first time fix rate so they don’t need to visit again.

Do you receive regular contact from your account manager? Account managers are invaluable at being able to ensure the machines sited are the most suitable ones for your site. They should also be informing you of any new products that might help boost your business.

Have you been taught how to refill your machines? Refilling is the single greatest way of boosting the cash in box of your machines. Do it everyday! Here at Bob Rudd our collectors ensure that the hopper (pay out unit) is full at £350, this means the note acceptor is working and therefore core players know the machine is full, it can lead to an increase of 25% in your cash box!

Are your collections frequent? It may seem irrelevant but having frequent collections is a great security measure. The more frequently your machine is emptied the less of a target it is for break-ins. The collectors are also often the first people to spot technical faults or security warnings.

Finally, are all of your machines fitted with the highest anti fraud devices? Sadly we still see machines that are hit by complex frauds, if the machines are fitted with the right security software such as DES (Data Encryption Service) then this leaves a much smaller ability for them to be tampered with. Another key security features include operator specific fraud prevention; this is where the individual operator adds their own security features to further secure their own estate.

It’s an exciting time in the pub industry and it is important that you know your options when the clause comes into place.

This article was our contribution to the January edition of the FLVA’s Publican’s Partner newsletter. You can find out more about the FLVA here.


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