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Human Fruit Machine!

Have a gander at Leeds depot staff Fran, Jo and Caroline strutting their stuff in the Human Fruit Machine at the Open Day. The machine raised money for Rays of Sunshine charity and only needed attending to with one service call! Faulty reel apparently!

Open Day Champions!

We’re pleased to say that Leeds Depot Open day was a great success! A full review is to follow but for now we’d like to share the winners of the various activities that took place on the day!

We’ll start with the most skillful event, congratulations to Russ Hayler from Anglo Pubs who won the Business Card Draw!

Tony Ioannou from Halifax Snooker was greeted with casino chips on arrival and successfully beat everyone else to secure the top spot on the Roulette table.

Peter Kilpatrick from Punch Taverns showed his Great North Run training hadn’t all gone to his legs as he wiped the floor with the competition on the Boxer machine. Gail Lewis of Greene King also put up a good fight for the ladies and went away with their high score.

The addictive quiz machine tournament was conquered by Andy Murden from Electrocoin.

We challenged guests to beat our depot pro, Carl Forrest at a game of pool, none succeeded but both Peter and Gail managed to continue their winning streak and did very well against Carl. The only person to actually beat Carl on the day was MD, Nick Rudd…..looking for a pay rise were you Carl?!

Thanks to everyone who came, we’re pleased with the overall success of the day!

And the winner is…….

The first week of the Lotto-Xtra draw was a great success and you can see how pleased our winner is!

The draw ran without a hitch and everyone is already lining up to buy tickets for this week’s draw. The inter-pub lottery is the first of its kind, we’re not out of the woods yet, but the first week’s popularity looks promising!

2012 the Year of Accumulating Acquisitions

First Masterplay and now Kingsley Sime, 2012 truely has been a year of expansion for Bob Rudd.

The story broke in today’s Coinslot that we acquired the assets of quiz machine operator Kingsley Sime last week. The operation will mainly be run from our Leeds, Warrington and Newark depots however staff from across the company are pulling together to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Click Here to read the Coinslot Article

Lotto Let Loose!

This weekend saw the launch of our Lotto-Extra Inter-pub lottery terminals!

The machines are the first of their kind and offer a digital inter-pub weekly lottery draw.  Tickets are only £1 and 20p from each ticket sold goes to our chosen charity, Rays of Sunshine.

Here’s a photo of the team with the first batch of machines, needless to say we’re pretty proud of ourselves!

MGD Masterclass

The introduction of Machine Gaming Duty has been all over the press recently, it’s not going to go down well with everyone but the decision is final, so here at Bob Rudd we’re doing our best to prepare for it!

Our MGD specialist John Nolan has prepared some information sheets to help you get your head around the subject. You can view them below or click on the link and download a copy from the ‘support’ section of our website.

MGD Newsletter


MGD Key Facts



Download Here:



The difference is Black and White

You may have heard that we are hosting an Open Day in Leeds depot very soon.

Ideas have been firing around the office for weeks now to determine a theme, beach, Christmas, bonfire to name but a few! BDM Phil even mentioned dressing up in banana outfits, although we all decided that that would scare off more business than it gained!

It was in our last committee meeting however that technician Roger came up with the goods and we settled on the theme:


Black and White


Here at Bob Rudd we believe the difference between us and our competitors is just that, Black and White.

Look out for your invitation arriving soon so you can come and see for yourselves!


Bob’s Bulletin reaches the Back Page!

A surprise landed on our desks last week in the form of Coinslot magazine and a lovely back page article outlining recent news and developments at Bob Rudd!

Bi-monthly we send out an external newsletter entitled ‘Bob’s Bulletin’ to contacts, customers and suppliers to let them know what’s happening in our world.

It was nice to see that our friends at Coinslot picked up interesting info from the newsletter and printed an article to support it.

Read the full article here

Read the Newsletter here

If you would like to be part of the Bob’s Bulletin mailing list please send your contact details to Helena – hwade@bobrudd.co.uk, alternatively, leave them in a comment below!


An Interview With Nick Rudd

Everyone’s head is buried in the North East Journal today as Nick takes centre stage!

Each week a North East business person is interviewed for the paper and this week Nick was chosen to share his story.

Click  below to read about how Nick got to where he is and his plans for the future. Browse the questionnaire to find out his greatest fear? and biggest extravagance?

Read Article



More Great Press

Want to read more about our recent acquisition and plans for the future? Click the links below!

Coin-Op Community





North East Business Journal








Thanks to the North East Business Journal and Coin-Op Community for covering the story.


Press – June 2012

This week’s Coinslot announced our acquisition of Masterplay Leisure!

This was a friendly acquisition and further promotes our growth in 2012. It’s been an exciting year so far and we intend to keep it that way, next stop …… new products!

Click the here to view the full article.

One Step Closer to the Lottery Launch

We had an exciting delivery last week……..the first of our new digital lottery machines!

The ‘ Community Lotto-Xtra’ machines house both a weekly draw and three instant win games. We even have a Bonus Bob branded game!

Instant Draw Games

Each weekly draw has an in house and a national winner! We believe this will be an excellent footfall driver as players return to sites to see if they were the lucky lotto winners.

This is the first true pub lottery and we  know it’s going to make waves in the gaming and amusement world.

Trials commencing this month!

Press – April 2012

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of two key members of staff here at Bob Rudd.

Kevin Astley is now Technical Director and John Silkstone is now Regional Service Manager


Read the full Coinslot Article here!


We are very pleased with the success of our MyJUKE Facebook project. The page allows jukebox users to request a song via Facebook which is then collated by us and sent to manufacturers to be update the machines. Although some jukeboxes already have the ‘request’ function on them which is great, we have found some customers enjoy the conversation that can build around a song request on Facebook.

After studying one of our sites which is very active on MyJUKE we have discovered that the service has a positive impact on the cash in box of the machine. We inform users when the tracks are put onto the machines and encourage them to go and pay to play it on their local box. Now that we know the concept works we will be sure to roll it out further.

Like MyJUKE on Facebook to see it for yourself!

Click here!-  MyJUKE


The Gadget Show Live!

Here are Nick and Helena testing out a WIFI camera at The Gadget Show live at the NEC in Birmingham.  The exhibition was full of innovative new products and  heaving with people ready to test them out!

Among the future products were a voice activated TV, 360 degree video camera and Nick’s favorite, a superior cheese grater! (He came away with two!)


Our new employee could have done with a shave!


Press – March 2012

Coinslot Article March

Have a read of our latest press from ‘Coinslot’ using the link above, it’s all about how the re brand will take us forward and our plans for the future!

Bob Rudd….the gold at the end of the rainbow

It was a rainy, grey Saturday when all of the vans headed to the Newcastle head office for their new livery. At around lunchtime the weather really began to set it (halting our game of kick a bout in the car park!) however no sooner had the first van been completed than the sun came out and shone a rainbow directly above the workshop!