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A Ruddy Good Year!

Working for Bob Rudd
Has been really interestingly good
Learning new things every day
Hopefully reflecting in my pay

First we have the morning meeting
Where we discuss the calls with lots of bleating
Colin elaborates a little too much
And is often told to hush hush hush

The engineers in general are happy to help
And if I get stuck on an install all I do is yelp
Knocking on doors from dawn till dusk
Touting for business is a definite must

Now back in the office, are two girls on my team
Dealing with clients and breweries so keen
Heidi and Helena their names unforgettable
Helping with problems, both very professional

I have a mentor his name is John
The best salesman in the business, second to none
His stories are belters, he’s nobodys fool
Selling awp machines, juke boxes and pool

Our MD Nick is a workaholic, firm but fair
and I have heard him swear !!!!!
Pushing the business forward making us top
Coz if we don’t, we will get the CHOP !!!!

We have a ‘lotto’ new products
So go out and ‘Screach’
Bonus bob and Innstay
Are all in our reach

Let’s all raise our hopes
And stay positive on issues
Coz I for one
Ain’t gonna be crying into tissues!!!!!!


Business Development Manager

Sharon Hope