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Human Fruit Machine!

Have a gander at Leeds depot staff Fran, Jo and Caroline strutting their stuff in the Human Fruit Machine at the Open Day. The machine raised money for Rays of Sunshine charity and only needed attending to with one service call! Faulty reel apparently!

Open Day Champions!

We’re pleased to say that Leeds Depot Open day was a great success! A full review is to follow but for now we’d like to share the winners of the various activities that took place on the day!

We’ll start with the most skillful event, congratulations to Russ Hayler from Anglo Pubs who won the Business Card Draw!

Tony Ioannou from Halifax Snooker was greeted with casino chips on arrival and successfully beat everyone else to secure the top spot on the Roulette table.

Peter Kilpatrick from Punch Taverns showed his Great North Run training hadn’t all gone to his legs as he wiped the floor with the competition on the Boxer machine. Gail Lewis of Greene King also put up a good fight for the ladies and went away with their high score.

The addictive quiz machine tournament was conquered by Andy Murden from Electrocoin.

We challenged guests to beat our depot pro, Carl Forrest at a game of pool, none¬†succeeded¬†but both Peter and Gail managed to continue their winning streak and did very well against Carl. The only person to actually beat Carl on the day was MD, Nick Rudd…..looking for a pay rise were you Carl?!

Thanks to everyone who came, we’re pleased with the overall success of the day!