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The Rudd Group Newsletter V9

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This issue features:

  • Creating a community with Rulers of Egypt
  • Easing in to Christmas with BeeBox digital signage
  • Keeping warewashing equipment in working order
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5 Minutes With Our Technical Director Kevin

To mark Kevin’s birthday and his 14th year working for The Rudd Group we have conducted a little Q&A to find out a little more about the man himself!

Kevin Technical Director
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The Rudd Group Newsletter V8

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This issue features:

  • – New community slots game
  • – Increase customer dwell time with BeeBox games
  • – Claim your free Airack

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The Independent Selection

The independent selection blog header

We’d like to introduce to you to…The Independent Selection, the most comprehensive collection of digital fruit machines on the UK market.

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Bob Rudd and Essex Leisure Sign iPub3 Deal

Hot off the press!

Read all about our latest deal to include another leading digital product in our portfolio: https://www.intergameonline.com/casino/news/bob-rudd-and-essex-leisure-sign-ipub3-deals

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The Rudd Group Newsletter V7

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This issue features:

  • – Making pool premium
  • – Automate football fixtures
  • – Summer savings on Airack


The Rudd Group Newsletter V7

The Rudd Group Newsletter V6

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This issue features:

  • – Brand new iPub machines
  • – Golden rules of digital signage
  • – Clear Cool new Classeq range


The Rudd Group Newsletter V5

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This issue features:

  • – The Independent Selection
  • – Race Night Success
  • – Are You Prepared For The World Cup?

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The Rudd Group Newsletter V4

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This issue features:

  • World Cup Promo Packs
  • Serious About CCTV?
  • Clear Cool’s Bank Holiday Deals

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The Rudd Group Newsletter V3

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This issue features:

  • Scratch card success?
  • Win at the World Cup
  • Hoshizaki ice makers

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The Rudd Group Newsletter V2

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This issue features:

  • – Updates on Bob Rudd’s product portfolio
  • – Make your happy hour last longer with Innstay’s push button games
  • – Commercial microwaves on low weekly rental

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The Rudd Group Newsletter V1

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This issue features:

  • The difference with digital machines
  • Innovative EPoS solutions on low weekly rentals
  • All about Clear Cool’s new lifetime detergent plan

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The Difference With Digital

Since we started investing in and managing digital fruit machines over 5 years ago the industry has come a long way. It’s now safe to say that most players (not all) have adapted to the new machine style and enjoy the way the machines play.

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Host a Play a Pro Pool Night

Ever wanted to create a brilliant atmosphere in your venue on a quiet night? Why not host a “Play A Pro” pool night?!

Here’s a step by step for a successful event once you’ve bagged yourself a pro (note a “pro” could even be one of your regular pool players who fancies showing off their skills): Read more

Alternative Pool Table Games

We supply pool tables to a variety of venues across the UK, now we want to ensure you’re making the most of them!

Take a look below at some great pool games you may not have heard of. If you would like any of the rules sending out to you to inform your customers please just drop us a note here.

One Pocket Pool

1. One Pocket Pool – For the Pros

  • – Balls are placed into the rack randomly
  • – Each player picks a pocket
    • – This is the pocket they will have to pot their balls in to for the entire game
  • – 1 point is scored for every ball potted into their nominated pocket
  • – When a player reaches 8 points they win the game
  • – Players lose 1 point every time they foul

Find out more about One Pocket Pool here.

Jump Shot Pool

2. Stunt Pool

  • – Here the same rules as 8 ball are applied apart from the fact that straight shots are not allowed
  • – Players can only make shots using the below
    • – Swerve Shot – here the cue is held almost vertical to create a large amount of spin on the cue ball
    • – Jump Shot – here the cue ball must bounce over an obstructing ball
    • – Bank Shot – Any shot that uses the cushion
  • – Feel free to add in your own “stunt shots”

Left handed pool player

3. Opposite-Handed Pool – for a laugh

  • – If you’re bored of playing regular pool then why not give this game a go
  • – Ask each player to use their cue in the opposite way
  • – This will make the game much more difficult ….and a little funnier


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any more info, here at Bob Rudd we have all the tools to help you get the most out of your pool table. Take a look at our pool table range here.

The Rudd Group Launch

Hello! We wanted to share the exciting news that we have now created The Rudd Group to encompass all of our entities; Bob Rudd, Innstay UK Ltd and Clear Cool.

We’ve grown a great deal in the last few years and wanted to acknowledge this by creating clarity and distinction between each sector. Check out the new logo:


Incase you didn’t know we operate three organisations:

BRL email footer (1)

Bob Rudd – gaming and amusement machine suppliers

Innstay blog logo

Innstay – suppliers of innovative technology including EPoS, music systems and security solutions

Clear Cool Logo Website 200117

Clear Cool – suppliers of ice makers, glass washers and bottle coolers on a rental or purchase basis

If you would like any more info on the above please give us a call on 0800 7311 026 or contact us.

Beat the Buzzer – Duke of Albany, Washington

Last night saw us unite with Brian “Buzzer” Halcrow at The Duke of Albany in Washington as part of our plan to increase the pool offering for our customers.

Buzzer is former world No.8 and UK No.3 in World Eight Ball Pool, he has used his extraordinary talent to travel the world and now he’s travelling the UK with us!

At Bob Rudd we’re keen to increase the emphasis placed on pool and gaming zones of pubs and bars, we see the value in bringing people together in a community venue and encouraging them to participate.

The event last night was a great success and saw regulars from the pool team playing Buzzer alongside pool amateurs who were just up for a laugh. What would normally have been a quiet Tuesday night turned in to a fun filled evening’s entertainment.

If you are interested in hiring Buzzer for the evening please just get in touch – helena.rudd@bobrudd.co.uk and we’ll set it up, you’re certainly in for a night to remember!


Bob Rudd Hosts Elderly at Christmas

We had a great time working with the charity Contact the Elderly to reach out to lonely people in our area at Christmas.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 09.30.20

Blueprint Signs Major Order With Bob Rudd In First Hour Of EAG

Read all about our latest purchase of digital AWPs:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 09.30.11

Warrington Has Moved

As you may know we recently moved our Warrington depot to a bigger location in Wigan. Please see below the reasons why we made the move:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 14.27.23


As we have now increased office space we would like to invite our customers to use our Wigan depot as a meeting space. Please just give Bernie a call on 07808 627152 to arrange.